Learn more about The Catalyst Foundation from our founder, John Sexton.

What We Do

The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education is committed to expanding access to high-quality education worldwide.

We support initiatives that bring educational opportunities directly to the neediest children and youth, and work with our partners in the philanthropic community to support the creation of structures and materials necessary to achieve this goal.  Additionally, we advocate for the increased government and private sector support from around the world, which is urgently required to address the global education crisis.

We are dedicated to working on educational initiatives in regions of the world where schools for children of all ages are inadequate or non-existent, especially in areas of armed conflict. Our current focus is on projects and initiatives addressing challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, including the educational needs of Syrian and other refugees.

The world can’t afford to squander the talent of these youth. They deserve an education, and we have to work together to provide it for them.
— John Sexton, Founder

How We Work

Our staff, in consultation with our Board of Trustees, works with regional and educational leaders and experts to identify potential activities that are consistent with our mission to expand access to education in areas of greatest need. We then develop specific projects and initiatives in those areas, identify partners with the particular expertise and capabilities necessary to implement them, and provide the catalytic funding to launch them. Finally, we work with our partners to identify and secure additional funding to further develop, support, and sustain the projects in ways that will have the biggest impact and achieve the most meaningful results. 


We do not accept grant proposals or requests for awards.